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(All prices are in US dollars, please note that all sales are final, all support is prepaid.)


Our servers are custom made by Supermicro to fit the needs of a call center with high reliability & low maintenance, and comes with a three year warranty and three year next business day on-site support. Supermicro is building the most reliable enterprise servers available and is the only brand we use.

The philosophy behind our choice is that downtime is based on the single biggest threat being a non-operational dialer. Agents are usually costing money to sit there, they are not bringing in any income, you are not servicing your clients and if not selling, agents have tendency to go to work for someone else, and you may loose your clients due to lack of production.

In choosing servers the first question is how many seats is it going to cover. The following numbers are a general guideline of how many servers you will need. Your use can vary and slightly alter these numbers. OSDial consists of four components. The database, the web server, the dialer and OSDial which brings it all together:

With 30 or fewer seats you can use a single server (All-In-One).

With 30-60 seats you need two servers. One will be the database server and the other the dialer.

With 60-100 seats you need three servers, and so on. One database and two dialers.

Being that all your data (leads, reports etc.) is in the database there comes a point where it is better to build a database cluster that can survive complete server failure without interrupting the dialing. That can be done with two database servers, though four is more reliable. We call this the Enterprise Solution.

Any dialer can do recordings but it will lower its capacity, we have designed an Archive server which will gather the recordings when they are completed and turn them into wav or mp3 format which you can then browse with a browser or over a Windows Network. It also has the ability to transfer recordings to a remote location over different protcols with full logging.

Around 120 seats and up you can gain better performance by adding a seperate web server.

Round it all off with support and training.

OSDial All-In-One Server $9,975 (incl. shipping)

A Single Server System is designed to support up to 30 seats. Can later become the base for adding additional dialers.

OSDial Database Server $9,975 (incl. shipping)

This server is designed to be part of a SQL cluster.

OSDial Dialer Server $9,550 (incl. shipping)

Add one dedicated dialer for every 50 seats in a cluster. (If single server use the All-In-One above.)

OSDial Web Server $9,550 (incl. shipping)

Adding a dedicated web server around 100 seats can improve performance.

OSDial Archive Server $7,975 (incl. shipping)

The archive server will mix the two recordings from each call into one file and convert that file into a .wav and/or .mp3 file.

Refurbished OSDial Server (Enter agreed upon price.)

These are older Supermicro servers that vary in specifications. Has a new install of OSDial, new drives, burned in and are expected to continue to work for years as is normal for this brand. Our oldest in-house Supermicro is from 2005 and still going strong (with new drives). Only guaranteed to work upon arrival as the warranty has often expired.

Contact us for availability. Typical price is around $2,000 - $3,000.