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(All prices are in US dollars, please note that all sales are final, all support is prepaid.)

Secure Remote Access
OSDial Remote Agent Service $10/mth per agent subscription

Remote Access Service is a monthly service required for the Two Factor Authentication. When you deactivate an agent their access will be blocked. Collect a deposit for each stick when you hand it out to get the stick back. When returned we can reprogram it for a new agent. For more details contact us at 800-221-0251.

OSDial Remote Agent (10 pack)$1,200

OSDial Remote Agent is a USB flash drive with Two Factor Authentication to allow a secure remote connection. No hard drive needed. Each is custom made for your company.

OSDial Remote Agent (5 pack)$625

OSDial Remote Agent is a USB flash drive with Two Factor Authentication to allow a secure remote connection. No hard drive needed. Each is custom made for your company.

OSDial Remote Manager (2 pack) $260

OSDial Remote Manager is a USB flash drive with Two Factor Authentication to allow a secure remote connection. No hard drive needed. Each is custom made for your company.

OSDial Remote Access Reset $30

When you have retrieved a stick back from someone who is no longer working for you it is imperative that it is reset before reused to ensure security has not been violated. Mail us the drive and will reset it and mail it back to you. Shipping fee included.


Custom programming is achieved by first contacting us to go over your needs and wants. Once the specifications have been worked out and agreed upon it will then be written and implemented for you. Contact us at 800-221-0251.

Custom Programming (Enter agreed upon price.)

Custom Programming. Only use when directed by us! The code is delivered directly to your server.

Custom Hardware (Enter agreed upon price.)

Custom hardware solutions. Only use when directed by us!


OSDial Sales Management Module

This is an essential tool for tracking marketing responses and how they progress through your organization. It will answer these questions:

  • Are leads effectively handled?
  • Where do leads get stuck?
  • Does leads get lost or drop through organizational cracks?

It will indicate where the lead arrived and who did what with it. Thereby allowing you to troubleshoot the line.

Leads can be tracked on paper, but it usually require a lot of manual labor, which is prone to errors. This tool will track the information and print accurate reports without the labor.

(This tool pays for itself in very short order, often in a few weeks.)

The executive reports shows how efficient the whole operation is running with breakdowns for each Marketing Project.

Next is the sales manager reports which gives you a detailed insight into each marketing project. By tracking each number dialed by each prospect we can tell how effective each marketing effort is. (This opens the door to track individual marketing efforts by tracking the phone numbers you have placed on cars, buses, radio and TV ads etc., and see both the efficiency of each marketing effort, and all combined.)

At that point you can use the on-screen reports to drill deeper and deeper into each dialer campaign, into each group of agents, into each agent and each call, thereby see which agents requires the most attention.

If you have multiple locations it will allow you to track them as well.

In some industries, such as insurance, leads are given to licensed agents who might be talking to clients in person, rather than being on the dialer. Which easily results in leads not being dispositioned in the dialer.

The OSDial Sales Management module can set limits on how many leads are passed to an agent by monitoring the quantity and age of the outstanding dispositions he or she has. The sales manager can modify these limits on an individual basis as needed.

When the limit is reached, a customizable message is displayed to the agent indicating why they are not receiving any more leads. This allows for an opportunity to meet with the sales manager who can then review how things are handled by the agent and make any neccessary adjustments.

In additional it can automatically remove leads from agents when they take too long time to close a prospect. The leads can be released to the general pool (list where they came from) or to a specific list where more experienced agents can take over.

This tool tracks every facet starting with what marketing effort it came from and how it progresses through each step in your organization.

A time stamp is recorded each time a lead is touched by a person or dialer.

Amongst others, the following statistics are available:

By project:

  • Number of inbound calls
  • Number of inbound calls that resulted in a sale
  • The overall value (if tracked) of the sales
  • The number of sales
  • The number of calls that did not result in a sale
  • The number of leads which are pending being called
  • The number of leads which are pending a closer
  • The number of leads which are pending closer progress (started)
  • The number of leads which are returned to the pool (due too slow progress)
  • (This is by inbound and outbound as applicable)

The Sales Manager can track how well each campaign is doing, with:

  • How many leads have come in, and how many of those:
  • have been called
  • did you make contact with
  • have you pitched
  • have closed, as well as any other disposition you track in the dialer

You can see if a lead:

  • Talked to a fronter
  • Was passed to a closer (whether in-house or external location)
  • How many of those are not handled and for how long
  • How many resulted in a sale and how much they brought in
  • How many resulted not in a sale and why

This will allow a sales manager to quickly identify who needs attention and in what area. He can also see who are best at what they do and use recordings from their calls as examples for the others to learn from.



Secure Remote Access

Any remote access is a security liability. Any external access opens up doors for others to potentially gain access to your network and you need to know what you are doing and understand the serious consequences it will bring.

Unfortunately today it is simply a matter of time before someone will attempt to gain access to your system. Their goal is not merely to try to find a treasure cove in your computers but also to enlist them in other illegal activities such as attacking their competitors or other scams. A dialer has the ability to make phone calls, something which is very popular to abuse, they will empty your account and if possible leave you with a big phone debt.

With the popularity of not only having remote agents but managers and owners alike wanting to see what the status is while they are not in the office, we decided to release a product that allows you to do that with Two Factor Authentication, which means it requires two separate methods of authentication to gain access.

It consists of a USB Flash Drive, a standard OSDial install, and a remote service from us which is custom configured for your company, which will only allow access to those with the flash drive. Each USB stick can be revoked, initialized with a new 'key' and re-released to someone else as needed.


Get started with OSDial now, contact us at 800-221-0251!